What YOU Can Do:

Being the Change has been awarded Gold Status by GuideStar for its demonstrated commitment to transparency and accountability to its donors & mission.  To give you an idea of this accomplishment, of the 32,985 501(c)3 operating in Arizona, ONLY 94 have achieved Gold Status.  Review our charity, mission, financial and organizational documents via GuideStar:

Sponsor a Student - Each year Being the Change accepts new and reenrolls continuing students in our program, the overall estimated cost for each student's basic training is $3,000 a year.  This covers instructors fees for the anticipated 56 work/ride sessions and basic costs & supplies applied directly to the student's equestrian education.

Sponsor a Horse - Each horse in the Being the Change program has a full and very physical daily schedule and costs an estimated $1,500 annually.  Just like any serious athlete they enjoy a high quality diet, regular vet checks, dental visits, good quality equipment and a restful stable.  Our horses spend their summers playing polo in the mountain county of Western New Mexico - where at 7,500 ft they are able to greatly increase their lung capacity and performance for the Fall & Spring seasons in Phoenix.

Sponsor a Team - Currently Being the Change has 6 Interscholastic Polo Team Players and is working on developing more as we speak.  BTC is always on the look out for Team Patron to fully sponsor a team's travel to the Circuit and National Championships each year for a total cost of $5,000.  Each Patron is able to fully brand the team for a full year of play (October to October), that team will exclusively play under the Patron's logo, name, etc and be featured in all Polo Player Magazine appearances with their Patron's branding.